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March 2017

Theme: “She never learned to yield” ~Chorus (Antigone)

“Antigone: To Stand in the Storm” E.J. Lawrence

“Unequivocal Voices: The Sacred Feminine Challenges Authority” K.P. Kulski

“Persephone’s Side of the Story” Kaitlin Bevis

“Boudicca: The Celtic Queen Who Refused to Bow to Rome” Erica Millard

April 2017

Theme: “For if she flees, soon she will pursue.” ~Sappho (Fragments)

“Revolt: Morisco Women on the Way to Alpujarras” K.P. Kulski

“Set a Fire and Burn” E.J. Lawrence

“Wondrous Odyssey Weaver” Patricia Jakovich VanAmburg

“Sappho: The Dangerous and Desirable Educated Woman” Ava de Cenizas

May 2017

“May I never be separated from this purple and may I not live that day on which those who meet me shall not address me as mistress.” ~Empress Theodora, Byzantine Empire, AD 532

“How Cinderella Becomes the Evil Queen” Rebecca Halsey

“Marie de France Invents Courtly Love; Or, Why We Have Chivalry All Wrong” E.J. Lawrence

“Monolithic: Kandakes of Kush, Queens of Stone” K.P. Kulski

“Beautiful or Nothing at all” Kourtnea Zinov’yevna Hogan

“Royal People: Isabella of France, She-Wolf of England” Just History Posts