“She doesn’t hear the sound of Mother and Father calling, she only hears Mount Yen’s nomad horses cry tsiu tsiu. She goes ten thousand miles on the business of war.”

~The Ballad of Mulan

August 7th:

“Part 1 – Hua Mulan: East-West with Honor” K.P. Kulski

August 14th:

“Part 2 – Hua Mulan: East-West with Honor” K.P. Kulski

August 21st:

“With Pitiless Heart and a Woman’s Weapons: The Carnage of Camilla” E.J. Lawrence

August 28th:

Kaitlin Bevis


“So large and generous was her mind,/ Reason she gladly understood;/ It followed that she loved the good…”

~The Book of the Duchess, Geoffrey Chaucer (elegy for Blanche of Lancaster)

July 3rd:

“The Clear Light of Reason” E.J. Lawrence

July 10th:

“Tower of the Moon and Stars: Queen Seondeok of Silla” K.P. Kulski

July 17th:

“Cleopatra the Alchemist: Sketch of a Philanthropist” Victor T. Cypert

July 24th:

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July 31st:

“Marguerite de Navarre, Renaissance (Wo)man” Michael K. Ingram