Publication Schedule 2018


We have returned and are ready to kick-off 2018!

This year we’d like to welcome the addition of author and editor of Sky Forest Press, Carrie Gessner. We’re excited to read her take on how modern fiction depicts women in historical and historically inspired settings. She brings her experience as an editor of a small press that features stories with female protagonists. In addition, she is an author of epic and contemporary fantasy novels, bringing a modern perspective to Unbound.

E.J. and K.P. are still kickin’ it, and looking forward to gabbing about what we love — history, literature, culture and how us gals are movers and shakers in it all.

Come for the history, literature and analysis. Stay for the vodka.

See you on the blog side!

March 2018

Theme: “I fear Macha, Babd, and Neiman, the three forms of the Morrigan, the goddess of war, of death and slaughter, and most of all, her blood-drinking raven form.” ~The Children of Lir

March 4: “The Morrigan and the Illusion of Identity” E.J. Lawrence

March 12: “Daphne’s Laurel Tree and the Me Too Movement” K.P. Kulski

March 19: “Metis: Mother of Wisdom” Meagan Logsdon

March 26: Carrie Gessner