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March 2017

Theme: “She never learned to yield” ~Chorus (Antigone)

“Antigone: To Stand in the Storm” E.J. Lawrence

“Unequivocal Voices: The Sacred Feminine Challenges Authority” K.P. Kulski

“Persephone’s Side of the Story” Kaitlin Bevis

“Boudicca: The Celtic Queen Who Refused to Bow to Rome” Erica Millard

April 2017

Theme: “For if she flees, soon she will pursue.” ~Sappho (Fragments)

“Revolt: Morisco Women on the Way to Alpujarras” K.P. Kulski

“Set a Fire and Burn” E.J. Lawrence

“Wondrous Odyssey Weaver” Patricia Jakovich VanAmburg

“Sappho: The Dangerous and Desirable Educated Woman” Ava de Cenizas

May 2017

Theme: “May I never be separated from this purple and may I not live that day on which those who meet me shall not address me as mistress.” ~Empress Theodora, Byzantine Empire, AD 532

“How Cinderella Becomes the Evil Queen” Rebecca Halsey

“Marie de France Invents Courtly Love; Or, Why We Have Chivalry All Wrong” E.J. Lawrence

“Monolithic: Kandakes of Kush, Queens of Stone” K.P. Kulski

“Beautiful or Nothing at all” Kourtnea Zinov’yevna Hogan

“Royal People: Isabella of France, She-Wolf of England” Just History Posts

June 2017

Theme: “But although I heard and saw [this calling], because of doubt and a low opinion of myself and because of what people might say, I refused for a long time the call to write.” ~Hildegard of Bingen, 12th Century

“My Doubts are Chains of Shadows–In the Light, I am Free” E.J. Lawrence

“The Write Awakening” Sara Tantlinger

Venus Rises” Kaitlin Bevis

“From Ashes to Impossible, From Impossible to Success: Christine de Pizan” K.P. Kulski

July 2017

Theme: “So large and generous was her mind,/ Reason she gladly understood;/ It followed that she loved the good…” ~The Book of the Duchess, Geoffrey Chaucer (elegy for Blanche of Lancaster)

“The Clear Light of Reason” E.J. Lawrence

“Tower of the Moon and Stars: Queen Seondeok of Silla” K.P. Kulski

“Cleopatra the Alchemist: Sketch of a Philanthropist” Victor T. Cypert

“Marguerite de Navarre, Renaissance (Wo)man” Michael K. Ingram

August 2017

Theme: “She doesn’t hear the sound of Mother and Father calling, she only hears Mount Yen’s nomad horses cry tsiu tsiu. She goes ten thousand miles on the business of war.” ~The Ballad of Hua Mulan

“Part 1–Hua Mulan: East-West with Honor” K.P. Kulski

“Part 2–Hua Mulan: East-West with Honor” K.P. Kulski

“With Pitiless Heart and a Woman’s Weapons: The Carnage of Camilla” E.J. Lawrence

“Otrera: The First Queen of the Amazons” Kaitlin Bevis

September 2017

Theme: “I take upon myself the burden of all suffering. I am resolved to do so, I will endure it. I do not turn or run away, do not tremble, am not terrified, nor afraid, do not turn back or despond. And why? At all costs I must bear the burdens of all beings. In that I do not follow my own inclinations. I have made the vow to save all beings. All beings I must set free.” ~Bodhisattva’s Infinite Compassion

“To Feed the Enemy: The American Histrio-Myth of Pocahontas” K.P. Kulski

“Featured–Dig: A History Podcast” DIG

“Compassion ‘for Such a Time as This'” E.J. Lawrence

“Featured–Florence Nightingale” History Channel

October 2017

Theme: “And so on a time it happened that Merlin showed [Nimue] in a rock whereas was a great wonder, and wrought by enchantment, that went under a great stone. So by her subtle working she made Merlin to go under that stone to let her wit of the marvels there; but she wrought so there for him that he came never out for all the craft he could do. And so she departed and left Merlin.” ~Thomas Malory’s Le Morte D’Arthur

“Lakshmi: The Hindu Goddess of the Lotus Brings Prosperity” Ava de Cenizas

“Morgana le Fay: Evil Queen or Loving Sister? Part 1” E.J. Lawrence

“Morgana le Fay: Evil Queen or Loving Sister? Part 2” E.J. Lawrence

Featured- Malta’s Neolithic Underground (Jaunting Jen)

“Pythia of the Womb of Life and Death: The Significance of the Oracle at Delphi” K.P. Kulski

November 2017

Theme: “I, the old woman who am now dust was once the priestess of Demeter and again of the Kabiri and afterwards Kybele. I was patroness of many young women. I had two male children and closed my eyes at a goodly old age in their arms. Go in peace.” -Hellenic Funeral Stele

Featured (Multiple Sites): Funerary Artifact Highlights: Death and Rebirth in the Ancient Greek World

“Brigid, the Goddess of Wisdom and Everything Else” E.J. Lawrence

“Death, Lust and Fire: The Many Aspects of Women in the Ancient World” K.P. Kulski

December 2017

Finishing with a look back on our favorite posts of the year!

Dec 4th:

K.P.’s Pick!

Dec 11th:

E.J.’s Pick!

__________________________________________________  2018

March 2018

Theme: Form and Shapeshifting

“I fear Macha, Babd, and Neiman, the three forms of the Morrigan, the goddess of war, of death and slaughter, and most of all, her blood-drinking raven form.” ~The Children of Lir

March 4: “The Morrigan and the Illusion of Identity” E.J. Lawrence

March 12: “Daphne’s Laurel Tree and the Me Too Movement” K.P. Kulski

March 19: “Metis: Mother of Wisdom” Meagan Logsdon

March 26: “The Shapeshifting Power of Superheroes” Carrie Gessner

April 2018

Theme: Motherhood and Childbearing

“Hail, Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy, hail our life our sweetness and our hope. To you do we cry, poor banished children of Eve.”~ Salve Regina (Roman Catholic Marian Prayer)

April 2: Part 1: “Exalted Motherhood, Prized Infants: From Pagan Rome to Christianized Europe” K.P. Kulski

April 9: Part 2: “Exalted Motherhood, Prized Infants: From Pagan Rome to Christianized Europe” K.P. Kulski

April 16: “Motherhood as Power: The Importance of Children to Viking Age Queens” Carrie Gessner

April 23: “Under Tawaret’s Protection: Childbirth in Ancient Egypt” Jennifer Della’Zanna

April 30: “Of Hope and Expectation” E.J. Lawrence

May 2018

Theme: Women Who Murder

“And if these ornaments she take and put them on, miserably shall she die, and likewise everyone who touches her; with such fell poisons will I smear my gifts. And here I quit this theme; but I shudder at the deed I must do next; for I will slay the children I have borne; there is none shall take them from my toils; and when I have utterly confounded Jason’s house I will leave the land…” ~Medea, Euripedes

May 7: “Blood Monster: When the Serial Killer is a Woman” K.P. Kulski

May 14: “Medea: The Power of Progeneration” Ava de Cenizas

May 21: “Women’s Weapon, Women’s Work: The Oracle Glass and the Affair of the Poisons” Carrie Gessner

May 28: “Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Deceived: Clytemnestra’s Revenge” E.J. Lawrence