Unbound is Now Live!

Just in time for Women’s History Month…it’s like we planned this or something.

If you’ve stopped here, I’d like to say welcome. Here’s a blanket, a cup of tea and a comfy chair. E.J. and I look forward to sharing some amazing stories of women throughout time and literature. You will explore with us the identities of some of the most fascinating women who ever graced the Earth and our imaginations. Some of them will inspire and others with make us cringe, they all will empower and move the world around them.

Our first article will premier on the 6th. Our weekly schedule will follow content publication on most Mondays.

This month will feature articles from E.J. and myself, author Kaitlin Beavis, of The Daughters of Zeus series and Erica Millard, writer and Professor of Children’s Literature.

In April, we will go live with a fiction and poetry page.

Thank you for joining us. We look forward to your next visit.