Featured-Malta’s Neolithic Underground (Jaunting Jen)

As a prelude to my post next week on Ancient Priestesses, I’d like to feature the fantastic blog of Jaunting Jen. Not only is she a military veteran (a girl after my own heart), a history teacher but also a world traveler.

Heritage-Maltas-Photo-of-the-HypogeumI’ve added Jaunting Jen’s post on her exploration of Malta’s Underground Temple. There is some uncertainty on the purpose of the space (it is Neolithic after-all) but there are indications of an early oracle presence. If you are familiar with ancient history, oracles are usually female priestesses and play an important part in ancient cultural awareness.

I urge you to take a look at Jaunting Jen’s blog and enjoy this particular post. I think you will find that Malta’s underground temple leaves a delicious sense of mystery.

Malta’s Neolithic Underground – Jaunting JenJen-avat

(All images sourced from JauntingJen.com)